November 08, 2007

this was fun

On Friday of the quilt show, I met Mark Lipinski. He signed one of his magazines for me.

He uses the term "cupcake" a lot I think, so he really didn't know just how appropriate it was for me, hee!

Anyway, I embarrassed myself by telling him I only recently started reading his magazine and the only reason I picked his out of all of the others was because of the cute Pug on the cover, his Tulip. I am not enough of a seasoned quilter to actually know which quilting magazine is the best, so the Pug was the selling point. How lame is that?

But he was oh so gracious and funny and it was the highlight of my Friday in Houston. My friends started calling him my boyfriend and wouldn't leave the whole "quilt naked" thing alone, but that's ok!

Mark said to be sure and watch for the Jan/Feb issue for a Tulip surprise on the cover! I just went ahead and subscribed right then and there!


BugnLVoe said...

He has beautiful handwriting.

Karol said...

Just found your blog and I've enjoyed visiting. I'll be back!

Karol :0)

Pat said...

Hi, I am new to your blog also. A friend brought me back a signed copy of his magazine. I just love him and his magazine. I think that it is one of the best out there. I read it from cover to cover. Visit my blog and see my copy.