December 03, 2007

framed mermaid

Here's my framed Mermaid Sampler (design by Barrick Samplers):

This was a frame my LNS already had, so I saved a little on that part of the order. Originally it was supposed to have glass over it but somehow they forgot that, and since I'd waited so long for them to get it done, along with another one I'd taken in, I just went ahead and took it home. I like how it turned out.

And DH had a great time at the concert, just like I'd hoped!
A blurry picture of Todd Rundgren here:

DH was first in line. Too funny!


Nancy said...

Your Mermaid Sampler is gorgeous Andrea! I'll get this one stitched one of these days.

Your hubby must be one loyal fan!

Pam said...

LOVE the mermaid...too cute!

Anonymous said...

Love your mermaid, Andrea!! I need to get mine framed--I love the moulding that you chose for yours.

Michelle said...

Your mermaid looks beautiful framed!!

Anonymous said...

My husband loves Todd Rundgren, our song in the 1970's was "hello, it's me" still one of my all time favorite songs. :) Bren