December 19, 2007

sugar rush

These little beauties from Sprinkles made their way into our home today:

Just in time! We need more sugar around here, that's for sure!

Done wrapping, except for those two Butter Bells there. Now to start on the holiday baking. Oh boy. Haven't started yet, so no pics....a coworker is coming over tomorrow evening so I can show her how to make some stuff. I love that....that she wants me to help her!

So meanwhile, some more random shots from around the house.

Remember when I promised pics of the new tables? Well, here's one for ya.

And a close up:

I'm never really sure what exactly I'm supposed to be displaying, or how, really. Had it all worked out alright but then needed to decorate for Christmas, so whatever.

One of my favorite ornaments of all time. More on that later :)


BugnLVoe said...

What's a butter bell?

And I would have loved to have joined you for some tea and a cupcake. :-)


Anonymous said...

What a lovely set of pictures today. It all looks so inviting. And that elf ornament is adorable! Enjoy your holidays!

Nancy said...

Your new tables are so pretty Andrea! Those cupcakes look so delicious - I want one! Love your elf ornament, and my guess is that he is one of your favorites because he is holding a cupcake! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Love your new tables and the elf ornament! Those cupcakes look very yummy too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those cupcakes look delish.
I have a red butter bell, I tried it this Summer but the butter fell out because it's so humid here in Texas. Just re-filled it yesterday so I hope it works now. Do you have one and does it work for you?

:) Bren

Andrea said...

Hi Bren, we have a red one too, and yes, we use it. We're in North Texas, Dallas area, so we don't get the humidity like places down South (or even East). Anyway, I change out the water in the bottom of it every other day with cold water and it seems to work fine.

Michelle said...

Those cupcakes look yummy! You're in the Dallas area? How did I not know that? I'm in Lewisville. Your tables are beautiful - what a great way to showcase some of your stitched pieces.