December 29, 2007

make muffins, not resolutions

With 2008 bearing down upon everyone, once again the question of the day seems to be "make any New Year's resolutions"? Well, after thinking it over so hard that I actually lost a little sleep over the whole thing, I decided NO. I'm not makin' any. Going to make muffins instead. Banana muffins, for the second time this week.

This is them before they went into the oven. The first time I made them, I tried to fit them into 10 cups like the recipe states. Big mistake because they overflowed and were not too purty to look at, but they did taste divine.

And here they are in 12 cups...they still puffed up a little too much, not sure what I'm doing wrong!

But you should try them, they're GOOD!! You can find the recipe here: Banana Crumb Muffins. It's really that topping that makes these yummy, no matter if they turn out pretty.

So anyhow, I lie. I did make a couple of decisions about 2008. But they're not so much resolutions as they are promises to myself. And here are a couple of them:

** Make more cupcakes!
2007 did not see as many as 2006 (Year of the Cupcake in case you don't remember). I'm pretty well stocked up in cupcake books thanks to some wonderful friends, so there's NO EXCUSE!

** Stitch only from my stash.
I just know you all are rollin' your eyes, especially Patti because she's heard this before. What stitcher hasn't made this same statement? But other than the one thing I'm on a list for, the Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers series, I make this promise to myself, right here with GOD AS MY WITNESS (and Patti too)...the only stitching things I will purchase this year will be threads or fabrics needed for things I already have in my stash. Because DANG, I have enough already!

** Keep a "Gratitude Journal".

Read about this concept somewhere a few months ago and it's basically a journal but it can be just one word, or one picture, but you make an entry every day of something you're grateful for.

** Take more naps

self explanatory, no? naps are yummy.

And that's IT. I think I can do it :)

How about you? Make any promises to yourself for 2008?


BugnLVoe said...

Mmm those muffins look yummy.

Sooooo I poured over every Paula Deen magazine I had late last night and I came up w/ 3 things to take to the New Years Eve party - Kahula Chocolate Bundt Cake, these little minature lemon cupcakes that are dipped in glaze when they are still warm, and pimento tea sandwiches.

Problem is . . . will I be able to make the party?
Ugh! I am so miserable.

I need to think about resolutions for the year, for sure a new attic ladder opening thing.

You can always right down your 5 gratitudes on your blog every day. :-) hint hint


Anonymous said...

I like your 'resolutions' and your cupcakes look yummy. I am doing a 20 project challenge that should take me through most of the year (see my blog post on Dec. 14 for the details). I have a couple of 'resolutions' myself but not anything so demanding that I would have any anxiety over.

Anonymous said...

Those muffins sure look yummy!

The only stitching resolution I've made for 2008 is to make it my year for stitching reproduction samplers.

I've got several kitted up and ready to go.

I also hope to stitch from my stash. But I say that every year.

Nancy said...

Your muffins look delicious Andrea - much more delicious than resolutions! But, I did make a couple myself. I am also going to try not to buy any unnecessary patterns because I too have enough to stitch from. And, I am going to try to cut out junk food - eat healthy. It makes me feel so much better! Take care!

Anonymous said...

I like your resolution to "Make more cupcakes" but it goes with my New Year's resolutions to
1.Eat something SWEET two times a day!!!
2. Lay on the couch until a coccoon forms around me..

If you could just deliver the cupcakes to me on the couch, that would be quite handy.. lol

Can you be my Cupcake Santa?

:) Bren

Michelle said...

I too am going to be stitching from my stash in 2008 (or at least attempting). I love the Gratitude Journal idea. I basically use my blog as a gratitude journal - and I find it makes a big difference in my life. And definitely make more cupcakes! And send some to me! LOL!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I made "decisions" rather than "resolutions" this year, too... here's hoping they're easier to keep!

Sharon said...

Muffins look so yuummy! Good luck with your resolutions. I didn't make any myself. I especially like the nap one-LOL

Carolien said...

What a good resolutions! I love them all.

Greetings, Carolien