December 02, 2007

two more

Here are the last two finishes I received from the finisher last week.

This one is an old Ewe & Eye & Friends and for the life of me, I cannot recall the name of it. I think it was a scissor companion kit, but that's just a guess.

And here's the back of it:

This one is Bluebird's Message, by Blackbird Designs.

Here's the outside:

And the inside:

On a completely off topic side note, my hubby and son are at a Todd Rundgren event right now. Anyone know who he is? Remember the song, "hello, it's me"...that was him. Well, hubby LOVES him, and everything he's ever done, but had never seen him in person. Tonight he's playing at House of Blues in Dallas, and so it was an early Christmas present for him to go. I know he must be in Heaven right least I hope so :)


Nancy said...

Beautiful finishes Andrea! I love the button embellishments on the first one. And, the finishing on Bluebird's Message is amazing! The ribbon accents are gorgeous! Clever finisher.

Yes, I know who Todd Rundgren is. I used to have his album Runt. Wow, he must be getting up there just like we are!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, more stunningly beautiful finishes! All of them are just awesome ~ you need to stitch faster so we can see more pictures. You're getting a little pokey lately with the Holidays and all. However I will continue to worship the shrine of Andrea despite your slackness. Hope your sweet DH had a wonderful birthday!!

Melissa said...

Deb's finishing is just beautiful! I love the reworking of Bluebird's Message. I actually own a Todd Rundgren CD!

Teresa said...

What cute finishes!! It is a beautiful combination of your stitching and her finishes. I hope your husband had a great time at the concert. I remember when that song came out.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Deb is The Master!! Love what she did with your beautiful stitching!