April 29, 2007

crazy is as crazy does

Doesn't Astro look crazy in this picture? It just mades me giggle :)

Anyway, my plan was to post about my stash, and post some pictures of it too, in an attempt to give myself a kick in the pants (you know, about how I should not be buying new stuff when all this other stuff is just waiting for me to stitch it), but when I started adding up the numbers, it was frightful. Downright scary! And then the thought occured to me that if that number (with pictures!) were in evidence, on this here intranets, someone...and I'm not sayin' who...just might have me committed.

And I have way too much stitching to do for that!

I'm sure so many stitchers, and other crafters, out there can relate to this. We all probably have WAY more projects than we'll ever get done in this lifetime.
But as I love to say...it's all good! There are worse things we could be doing, right? hee

So here instead, is just a glimpse into the crazy... my Needlepoint Silk collection, as I was organizing them all a few weeks ago:

What's really shocking, if you must know, is that this does not even represent the whole collection, there are some in floss away bags in the closet. And even MORE shocking, out of the 388 skeins of silk pictured here (and the ones in the closet), there were seven colors I had to go out and buy for a new project!! And the price has gone up from $2.70 a skein to $3.70!! I was not too happy about that, lol!

OK, moving on...my newest project:

Ladybugs and Bumblebees by Country Cottage Needleworks. And I am actually further along now than this picture shows...

Will post a progress pic again soon.

Happy stitching ya'll! And thanks for your sweet comments, which I love and am very thankful for :)


Nancy said...

First of all Andrea all stitchers have way to much stash, so if you're committed the rest of us need to go along with you! And. . .I am very, very jealous of all your Needlepoint Silks! Your Ladybugs and Bumblebees looks very pretty. I have this chart and need to stitch it some day soon.

Happy stitching and stashing,
PS Astro does have a funny expression in his eyes!

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that the picture of your NPIs made my mouth go dry and my heart beat faster?!? LOVE it! Now you need to spread them on the floor and let the family think you're just imitating the dogs by rolling on them. :D Nah, nobody needs to be committed! Love the pic of Astro, and I think your WIP is TOO pretty.

Anonymous said...

is that a nice long clean topped table top in your craft room? i love the work space you have!!!