July 15, 2007

counting them twice

Finally able to get some pictures, although fourteen hundred skeeter bites were acquired in the process! All of this rain has not helped in keeping the mosquito population down.

Anyway...here's My Quaker Garden, by Blackbird Designs:

(all pictures are clickable for a larger image)

I was so happy that the frame for this was reasonable, after so many expensive choices I've made this year on other framed items. The molding is from Honeywood (not sure of the spelling), there were a lot to choose from, but I'm happy with this one.

A few months ago I sent a pile of stitched things to my friend Tobie, as she's been helping me finish things into pillows, etc. Well, imagine my surprise when, things I was expecting to pay her for, showed up in my mailbox with a sweet birthday card...she'd done the finishing as a present to me!!

She made this wonderful tuck pillow out of denim for my CHS "Land That I Love". It was hard to get a good shot and this one really shows that I need to press it better. It also doesn't show the wonderful cord hanger with bead accents that she made.

And this one she made for my Bent Creek's "Wahoo, Life is Good"....isn't the fabric perfect for it? I need to straighten the stitched piece up some as it's pretty crooked in this shot.

This one is a pillow and has a very pretty bow on the upper left hand corner but out of several shots I took of it, none of them show the bow! Dang it. The skeeter bites were starting to itch though so I had to hightail it inside, bow or not.

Tobie, thank you again! I love it all!

Today is a little (well, a lot to be honest) sad for me as I should be in New Jersey on the beach, visiting with friends from the ME group, but due some health issues (with me and my DH), I decided it was better to stay home. I'd already purchased the plane ticket and gotten other things for the trip, and really did want to go, so it surely wasn't an easy choice to make. I'd sorta like to cry again over the whole ordeal, but instead decided to just count my blessings.

Like this one:

A puppy who loves me so much my heart swells with joy. Not to mention my family, my good friends...being surrounded by people I love and things that make me happy like my stitching. Oh, and the fabric...let's not forget about that. There's a quilt store that's going out of business...you won't believe the amount of beautiful fabric that I got for half off! AND, my nearest quilt store, Suzy's, here in Garland, is having a sale this coming week...they have a lighted transfer thing that I need for another new hobby of mine (well, not new, but something I'm going back to doing), embroidery. I have Jenny Hart's book and lots of projects and ideas lined up.

Have a few days off from work coming up, that were originally scheduled for my trip, so I'm going ahead and taking them. Hope to use those days to organize my stash some and hang some samplers that have been needing a spot on the wall for months. Other than that, just stitching, quilting, and embroidering. Maybe some baking. Yes, anything under 90 degress this time of year is downright cool to me.


Nancy said...

Andrea everything is beautiful, as always! I love the frame on your Quaker Garden - so elegant. The pillows are wonderful, and what a nice gift from your friend. I'm sorry to hear a special plan didn't work out, but that puppy - the look will steal your heart!

Take care, and enjoy your days off. And. . .I'm getting back into embroidery too! I just joined a Yahoo embroidery group this morning.


BugnLVoe said...

Will you be able to get your $ back from the airline ticket?

I have never been sad about not going to a rosebud reunion... probably because I have never been before but the thought of traveling w/out Ted and leaving him behind to take care of the fur & feather babies makes me feel sad. He is my best friend and I couldn't share an adventure w/out him. I know that sounds weird but it's true. That is why last year or the year before I asked about a rosebud couple cruise or something to that affect. I would go if Ted could go. :-)


Anonymous said...

Andrea . . . your finished "Tobie" pieces are lovely :-) !! I enjoy your Blog so much--I need to leave comments more often :-) !! Thanks for sharing! --TraceyIL

Anonymous said...

Your Quaker Garden is beautiful and I like the frame you choose. Sets it off beautifully.

Tobie did a wonderful job with the finishing. What a wonderful friend you have to give you such a special birthday gift.

I'm sorry that you missed out on your vacation because of poor health. I know how dissapointing that is. I have MS and have had to cancel plans often due to feeling unwell.

Your lucky to have a wonderful little fur buddy! Give him a hug for me.

Anonymous said...

Your Quaker Garden is wonderful, and the frame is perfect. How sweet of Tobie to give you such a teriffic b'day present.

A quilt shop closing sale would be a disaster for me. My quilt stash far exceeds my stitching stash, and the only place left to put anything would be the basement.

Even though you cancelled your trip try to enjoy your time off. Your little snuggly pal is such a cutie.

Melissa said...

Andrea-I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather. Hope you're back 100% soon. Everything looks beautiful. What a good friend you have! Enjoy the Jenny Hart book. I've embroidered one or two things from it and it's addictive. I never thought I liked embroidery but I do and it's fast!

Do not spend time over on craftster.org in the embroidery needlework forum, you will want to embroider absolutely everything fabricy you have in your house. Lots of creative people over there.

Anonymous said...

couldn't see the quaker garden...my computer again i'm guessing...i'm sure next time i check it will be there!

sorry to hear about the cancelled trip. i say, go ahead and cry. sometimes a good cry makes us feel better! (and then blame it on the hormones if you have to!) :)

tobie did a great job! what a sweetie she is!

and your snuggle bunny is a cutie...they know just what we need to cheer us up!