July 04, 2007


C a K e S

What was inside that box...

Mocha (my favorite)!


Red Velvet

Going to Sprinkles was fun, a nice birthday treat. But mainly because of my friend, just being together, not because these are anything to write home about.

And at $19.50 for a half dozen, um....I can't see driving back over there for any more.

The Magnolia Bakery recipe produces a much tastier vanilla cupcake, IMO.

But they sure are cute anyway, don'tcha think?


Nancy said...

The cupcakes are beautiful! Too bad the taste doesn't go along with that. But, I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway Andrea! Wow, $19.50 for a half dozen?


BugnLVoe said...

Recipe from Magnolia Bakery in Seattle?????

I love cupcakes. Mmm

If it is good food, money is no object. Ted loves Godiva and for a small piece of chocolate, (one bite) it is sometimes close to $3. Depends on which one it is.

What are you going to do today?
I always miss Texas on the 4th.
When we lived there, every year we would always eat with our friends: Mark & DeAnna & the their kids in Mesquite and then all caravan somewhere to watch a fireworks display & then drive by the lake to shoot off fireworks.
It was always a perfect day.


Andrea said...

Yes, Nancy, it was $36 something for a dozen! I think I should start charging people for the ones I make, they are WAY better, lol!
(Gosh, I am so humble, huh?)

Jackie...I was talking about Magnolia Bakery in NYC, they have a couple of cookbooks. If you want the recipe, it's online somewhere, I will find the link and email it to you. Billy's Bakery vanilla cupcakes are my second favorite.

I agree, when it comes to really good food, money is no object. I was just sayin'...these certainly weren't worth the price!

Andrea said...

PS. We don't have anything excited planned for today...it's raining pretty good here right now, has been for weeks. There are usually fireworks downtown, which we always could see from our back porch, but they stopped doing that last year. I'm not even sure where there are any this year. Jeff is going to maybe grill fajitas later on if it stops raining long enough and I made a chocolate eclair type dessert last night...other than eating I reckon I'll stitch most of the day.