July 20, 2007

glimpses into my vacation, or parts of the story, or how to save a life

First off, there were to be no elaborate meals during vacation, so we started off with grilled cheese and pickles,

and I stitched on this, which is Willow House from Blackbird Designs,

and then this got pulled out when I was organizing the stash...my first patchwork quilt that i never finished the binding on, so I was working on that too....

and then we sorta hit a "bump" in the road, a "miscommunication" of sorts on the part of certain medical professionals and are ending the week with these little "life savers":

Nothing like finding out how close to a MAJOR F up (and by F up, I mean, serious consequences) for a certain cupcake's husband either having A) a major stroke or B) heart failure and possibly dying...nothing ahem, trivial to send your vacation to a grinding halt.

It's all good. I am staying close by...had plans for the quilt store with the sale and picking up the newest Loose Feathers at the not so local stitch store...and some other things, but nope. Not budging one inch. Silly girl, tricks are for kids.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea
I had no idea you were a quilter as well!! Love the chenille quilt GF!!

Love the BBD design......


Anonymous said...

All your projects are lookin' good! (( It is a shame you had to miss your trip)): I hope you can begin to enjoy your days off now, with less worry now.
Alrighty! I can't wait to see what transfer embroidery you will do!

Nancy said...

Your husband can't go wrong with you by his side!

Andrea, all of your projects are always so beautiful, and your Willow House and quilt are no exception.

Even your grilled cheese sandwiches look perfect!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, grilled cheese and pickles sounds good to me.

Even though you are staying close to home, it sounds like you've got enough to keep you busy. Thank God Hubby has you by his side.

Anonymous said...

You take the best pictures of food, now I am hungry for a grilled cheese and some cream of tomato soup!

I am thrilled that your hubby is doing much better!

Love the quilt!


Anonymous said...

how many were you cooking for with those grilled cheese's???

i'll pass on the pickle but love tomato soup w/my grilled cheese! :)tho this time of year we'll pass on the soup!

love the BBD!!! great colors!
glad hubby is doing better too!


Andrea said...

that was only the first round, lol! Cooking for 5 people :)

Anonymous said...

OH MY, what beautiful stitching, both cross and quilting!! You, with your big big BIG heart, better be enjoying your time off no matter where you vacation! You have earned every one of your blessings being such a special person, and you are loved just the way you are. Hope Jeff is enjoying your time at home as well. You work too hard!!