July 08, 2007

pugs and whatever

Check out Astro's Blog for some recent pictures of our pups. I still haven't gotten a good picture of my recent finishes to share here...so much rain and just busy with work and resting.
Sorry about that. Don't give up on me. If it stays cool this week I even plan on making some cupcakes for my friend and her family and will be sure to get pics of that too!

Meanwhile, today's picture:

This is an apron my friend made for me for my birthday, being modeled by one of my daughters, who is covered in pug hair and has a pug at her feet. It's all about the Pug here at the Cupcake Castle. Well, that and cupcakes.


Nancy said...

What a gorgeous apron! I love the cherry fabric.


BugnLVoe said...

That is just the cutest apron Andrea. :-) What a sweet friend.


Anonymous said...

what a great apron and friend that made it for you!!!

cool? in texas? in july? hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!