July 25, 2007

so much goodness...

... more than I can even share! Recent finishes for friends, a couple of which I don't want to show here until they've been received, but then there's this one...

Hopefully, she won't see it here before the postal person delivers it to her house. Anyway, it's from a Birds of a Feather chart called Holiday Season's, which includes four different designs, but the summer one is my favorite. Hope she likes it!

And not only was Nancy kind enough to lend an ear (and a shoulder) last week when I was having a meltdown, as if that wasn't enough, all by itself, she also sent me these little beauties:

They are the cutest kitchen towels I've ever seen!! I absolutely adore bluebirds of all kinds, but the sweet little vintage ones like these are my favorite!!

Thank you so much Nancy! You are a real treasure and made my week with your thoughtfulness. Thanks for listening and actually caring.

Here's my progress on Willow House. Not that much to show...I've been too busy with whatever else...

And while waiting for something in the oven, I decided to take a picture of this corner of my kitchen.

It's the top and side of our fridge, lol. If you look closely enough, you'll see some dust.

Would love to redo the cabinets and repaint the walls but we're kind of looking for a new house, so not sure I'd like to put all that energy (and money) into this one.

Anyway, my house isn't anything fancy and I've certainly seen better pictures of homes on blogs, picture perfect, etc. But I'm so inspired by what's out there...people taking snapshots of their ordinary "things", that I snap away at my "stuff" too.

We haven't always done that, have we? I mean, I can't recall my mother ever taking a photo of any kind of object in our house other than the Christmas tree, lol. Well, maybe her Corvette...aw yes, pictures of our cars. And for years, I'm pretty sure that's all I ever photographed as well, besides children, relatives and pets. But now, there's pictures of our stitching , our gardens, our homes, our cooking, and little things like tea towels!

Am I crazy to buy hard copies of these photos? You can see some on the fridge there. That cupcake picture was too perfect to pass up! After a few computer crashes, I worry about losing these pictures forever.

So inspiring to see others cherishing, savoring, their everyday life, so full of extraordinary things. sigh....life is good.


Nancy said...

Hi Andrea,

I'm so glad you are feeling better! Hooray! Wow, the Birds Of A Feather design is gorgeous, and I love the way it's finished. What a lucky person someone will be to receive such a beautiful gift. Your Willow House is looking very pretty, and I love all your Mary Englebreit and LOVE the sign! So funny.

I'm so happy you like the bluebirds.

Take care, and keep smiling,

Anonymous said...

The BOAF design is wonderful and your new vintage towels are delightful too!

What linen are you using for the Willow House piece?

Anonymous said...

your holiday season's turned out great! deb is the best! she is a keeper! what a find!

didn't know you collected blue birds too! i never find towels like the ones nancy found! wow!

and speaking of nancy - she's a great friend! sounds like she was there for you when you really needed her!


Anonymous said...

Woo! Your BOAF piece is perfect! I love that thing. Those tea towels are the sweetest things ever!!! They fit right in with the feel of your kitchen. It is always fun to see the progress of the projects you are working on, too.

Andrea said...

Laurie, I am stitching Willow House on 32 ct. Tobacco Belfast. The chart gives two color options, 28 ct. Tobacco Cashel or 40 count Gold Finch by R&R. After seeing it done up on the Tobacco at my LNS, I had to stitch it that way!
Thanks for your nice comments :)