July 28, 2007

over the top

At the quilt shop, I found these little do-dads, made by Moda. This one is a little purse. I brought several home and then took the label off one of them, attached a yo-yo and a Mary Engelbreit button. It's a bit "too much", huh?

That's a lot of "cute" in small package, lol! But I sent it to Nancy for her birthday and she liked it and that's all that matters! Also sent her this:

A pinkeep for her basket.

OMG, I just looked at this picture closely and see so many things wrong with it! I have terrible finishing "skills" to say the least!

Here's the back of it, truly sad, but cute fabric, lol!

Nancy, hope you had a wonderful birthday!

And Tobie was the recipient of the BOAF cube it box from my previous post. She wrote and said she got it...Tobie, hope you have a great birthday!!

Now I'm waiting for something else I made recently to arrive at it's new home, and then I can share that here too.

I'm so thankful for the wonderful friends I've made.


Anonymous said...

ahhh....i must be blind...i don't see what's wrong with your pin cushion??? nothing wrong with your finishing skills! and since you finished it, that makes it more special knowing you did it! :):) :)

your do-dad was cute and don't think the ME button was over the top? sounds like nancy loved it!


Nancy said...

Hi Andrea,

Both of these gifts are absolutely beautiful, and I treasure them! The pinkeep is a very pretty addition to my basket. You really haven't given yourself enough credit here. You do beautiful work which is why I was attracted to reading your blog in the first place.

Thank you so much for helping to make my birthday a very special day for me. Isn't friendship wonderful?

Take care,

Anonymous said...

These are too sweet! I don't think the ME is too much, but then you've got me addicted to the magazine :)
Like Joann, I think your pinkeep is fine! I'm glad that you showed a photo, anyway!
((You surely bring sunshine into the lives of others ))-Kim

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful - shame on you for posting otherwise!! And Post Away about my little present - it's across the pond and I love love love it!!