April 05, 2007

i am not an animal!!


This is the look one gets from the Astro Dazzle after he's gotten his "freak on":

And what pray tell, IS his "freak on"?

He MUST lick your skin after he gets a drink of water. EVERY time. If you are not around, he will find you. Track you down! And if you're wearing long pants he'll sit and wait until you show him some skin, down on his level. Licking level.

What a freak.

And a lazy freak at that.

See what else I have to contend with, while I stitch?

This is one end.

And this is the other.

Makes for some cramped up stitching but it's all good.

Thanks y'all for the comments on my last post, and encouragement...guess I shouldn't let people get to me but sometimes it's hard! I'll remember your words the next time it happens, which it will, it always does.

On a happy, non-Pug licking note, I lost another 3.4 pounds on my second week of Weight Watchers!! Yippee!


Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts about Astro and of course seeing all his great photos.

Don't let the malcontents get to you. Your stitching is wonderful and I'm so glad you take the time to share it with your fathful readers.

Anonymous said...

congrats on being a looser! (WW)!

and i love seeing thos pics of astro. wish max was more of a snuggler. i miss my macy and how she would try and get in my chair first! :)


Tobie said...

Astro is such a sweet little cutie! Mine are not snugglers either, more like leaners. ;) Congrats on your weight loss, you're doing great!
I personally love seeing all of your finishes! Not sure why that would irritate somebody, unless they're just jealous. Whatever, the people who count love your finishes!