April 27, 2007

rockin' my world

Here for your viewing pleasure, pictures of my brand new fridge!

There are no words to describe how happy this baby is making me right now.

We moved the essentials into the new fridge and left some stuff in the old one out in the garage.

We have a lot of butter...this is only half of the inventory, ahem.

This pull out deli tray (or whatever it's called)is the best thing invented since cupcakes!

As you can see here, ONLY the VIP food stuff made it into the freezer drawer. hee hee

Thanks for looking at my new love! What more could a girl ask for...a loving husband who indulges his wife in a new fridge we really didn't HAVE to have, a healthy family, good friends and a huge stash to stitch...stay tuned for more on that last subject this weekend. It's truly shocking.


Nancy said...

Enjoy your beautiful new fridge Andrea! I know the feeling!


Anonymous said...

We have the same fridge, I just got mine a few months ago.
How is yours working? still working good? I have had mine repaired one time already. Ugh.
Luckily, it was under warrenty.

I really love the refrigerator though, love the deli drawer.
:) Bren