April 10, 2007

love the pudge

Here is my finished Shepherd's Bush French Heart, made into a purse by the finisher...

I love it, the design and the finishing! I never get tired of SB's pudgy people and sheep...while not for everyone, and not my "usual" thing, there's a soft spot in my heart for these designs and their soft colors and style.

(if you click on any of the images you will get an "eye popping" closeup)!

This little shoe button sold me by itself!

And the specialty stitches were a lot of fun too.

And here is my Bluebird's Message, which she  made into a date book cover.

And last, a strawberry ornament from Blackbird Designs.

It is from the 2006 JCS Ornament Issue.

Nancy, I stitched the ornament on the linen called for in the magazine, I think it was 30 ct. LaCrosse by R&R.

Thanks for your sweet comments....


Anonymous said...

they are all gorgeous! i'd never had thought to make the SB into a bag! how cool! i love the beading on it too! so creative!

datebook cover is another creative idea! i love the silk ribbon bows!

and your strawberry really turned out great! i guess i'll have to try it next! :)

Nancy said...

Andrea everything is amazingly beautiful, and those words don't even seem complimentary enough. I love the bag. I've never stitched Shepherd's Bush designs, but I have two of the "drawer" designs to stitch. I love the Bluebird's Message finishing - the ribbons are such a nice touch. And I LOVE your strawberry. I love strawberries of any kind - real or otherwise - and this is gorgeous! What fabric did you stitch this on? Congratulations on your beautiful finishes!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful. :-)

Melissa said...

Andrea-The SB French Heart purse is beyond GORGEOUS! I'm drooling! I love the date book cover too. Deb does exceptional work. Out of curiousity, did you send her the date book you wanted the cover made for or is it just a standard size cover? Love them all, the strawberry rocks too.

Melissa said...

Andrea-I bet you could find an address book that is the same size as the date book so when 2007 isn't quite accuarate any more you could still put the cover to good use.

Anonymous said...

All of these are beautiful, Andrea. You always stitch such pretty designs.
I love Pudges, too, and those wonky little sheep!!
What a great idea to have a purse made from the SB design.