April 04, 2007


Finished this up in a couple of nights:

It's Peace by Birds of a Feather. I didn't have much peace stitching it however, as the chart had some errors in it, so I had to rip out my stitching a couple of times and then improvise in the end with some colors of my own. Then, after I'd stitched the word "peace" I noticed how much darker it is than the words above it, even though all the thread came off the same skein. Ugh. I was too disgusted to rip it out and do it over. Sometimes we just have to live with these little imperfections in our lives and be ok with it, don't you think?

Gosh, I found out after I finished Their Song last week that some people actually get annoyed with you if they think you're finishing stuff too fast. I don't think I'm a fast stitcher at all, but apparently some people do and yes, even seem annoyed by it. But I am gainfully employed outside of the home and I do cook meals and even bake on occasion (which also annoys people) and clean and do laundry and everything else (and even more) that most women do. Yet it seems I don't have a life because of all this free time for stitching that just magically appears, just to piss people off. Geesh. "Get a life?" Indeed.


Nancy said...

I think it's beautiful Andrea, even if Peace is a little darker. Maybe that word needs to stand out from all the others nowadays! You just keep stitching, and baking, and cooking, and doing laundry and all the other things you do. I love all of those things too! (I don't work outside the home though.) I also do the painting in our house, and I'm doing that in our kitchen as we speak!

Have a wonderful day doing the things you love,

Melissa said...

Andrea-don't let the jerks get you down. Your stitching always inspires me. People really need to get over themselves. We all stitch at our own pace, we work on what we want to work on and we should support and cheer each other on instead of intentionally trying to destroy the joy that one feels in their pass time. I'm the slowest stitcher on the face of the earth. I accept it and use other people's finishes to motivate me. You Go Girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well I say I think you have a wonderful life, and you are my biggest inspiration to get off the computer and back to my needlework!! There will always be big FAT morons out there who do a lot of trash talking cause they hate their own life ~ this pathetic person should just crawl back into their cave!! ALL of us, your true friends, will always be right behind you, over your shoulder to cheer you on to your next great success. STITCH ON - you are loved.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Thats hysterical!!! Who got annoyed???
I think your wonderful and very talented and I am awe inspired with your every project.
If you werent such a southern lady you could always tell that person to go blank themselves.
(Hey Im a yankee... we are known to be rude... want me to tell them?)
LOL! Im just being silly.

Love you!

Tobie said...

Andrea, I think your 'Pray for Peace' looks perfect! I stitched this one last year and don't remember any chart errors~but I remember that mine didn't look anything like the chart picture either.