April 08, 2007

whole lotta baking going on

Warning: Image Heavy Post to Follow!

On Friday I made cornbread for the stuffing on Easter Sunday, like to make it up ahead of time, one less thing to worry about then, plus it's better when it's a couple of days old.

The only problem is, when you have a cornbread lovin' husband, you have to hide it or else make something else he loves, to keep his mind off the cornbread.

Which is where the banana bread came into play. With one very ripe banana and one that wasn't nearly as ripe, but it all worked out well.

Using a recipe from Maggie, the best banana bread recipe EVER. Period. And in 20 something years of making banana bread from various recipes, this one's the best, trust me.

I used my new "professional" loaf pans from Williams Sonoma, but didn't like their shape when they came out, so I won't be using these pans again for banana bread. Normally use a glass loaf pan and a Longaberger pottery loaf pan and they turn out beautifully.

The shape didn't affect the taste and husband got one loaf and the other went to work with me that evening, to be scarfed down by all.

Then, there were homemade cookies to be made, these were mostly for a coworker who claims I am his "work wife", but two other coworkers also call me their "work wife" so does that make me a polygamist? Hmmm....

This recipe is also the best chocolate chip recipe I've ever found, it uses real butter, which you melt first and if you've ever tried making CC cookies with real butter that's just been "softened", you know how flat and yucky they can be.

Not these! They are fluffy and chewy and great!

I swear, I only ate one (and counted the points for it in my WW journal) my family had some too and the rest went to one of the work husbands (although he did share with the other employees).

Well, there was much more cooking and baking going on that didn't get photographed, aren't you glad? But then there were strawberries for shortcake on Sunday, which the Astro Dazzle absolutely loved, as you can see...

It's OK for dogs to eat strawberries. I checked before we gave in to the pitiful stares.

Man, that dog is a piece of work!


Nancy said...

Everything looks so delicious! I can feel my hips widening just looking at your photos.

Hope you enjoyed your lovely feast,

Deb said...

Everything looks very yummy Andrea! :)

Anonymous said...

loved the pictures of all the baked goods!
but love astro's last picture the best! max likes apples, banannas and carrots. i'll have to try strawberries next!
glad astro enjoyed his treat!

Anonymous said...

Yummy! :-)

Carol said...

I am definitely going to try your banana bread recipe. I need a really good recipe for bb that's not dry!. Love your dog, he's so cute. Great stitching! I have a lot of the patterns you've stitched but I divide my time between too many hobbies! You go girl. Keep on stitching!